Where do survey responses go?


When you create a survey in ON24, where do the responses go? I can’t see anywhere in the console that allows you to set the email address for responses?

Can survey results be sent to a different email address for each different webinar console and if so where would you go to set this up?

Finally, how can you test surveys and then clear the results, so that you can complete the survey several times on the Preview console?

Any help gratefully appreciated.

Hi @john.7! You can find the results of the survey in the report of a specific webinars. In the menu on the left navigate to ‘interactions’ and then on top to Survey. Here you can find all results.

I have not yet found a way that you can get the results of a survey emailed to you.

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Today, survey responses cannot be sent via email; however, you can find the survey answers in the reporting as Sanne mentioned.


HI @steph.dang1 is there any way at all that you could get a notification of a new completed survey for On Demand available webinars? We have a few webinars that are performing really well On Demand. But now I need to check all these on a regular basis (as in every other week / once a month) if there are new results (and thus for us contact requests / leads). It would be really beneficial if I could just get a notification if a new survey has been completed for an On Demand webinar.

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Hi @sanne! There isn’t an email notification tied to survey responses today. However, we are considering a feature to schedule reporting with that detail.

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Thanks for the update Steph! If you ever need some input let me know!

It would be so helpful to have an email notification. One of the best features of ON24 is the ease of access to on-demand recordings and having the emails would help me update numbers and justify the use of ON24 v. other webinar provider platforms.

Yes, getting a notification each time a survey is filled out would be great. This is how Survey Monkey does this. Great suggestion to add.